Career Profile

An Android Developer with over 10 years of Software and Web development experience in a broad range of industries, including Financial, Electronics, and Software. About more than 8 years of my experience covers designing, performing and testing Android applications on Mobile, Tablet, TV and Connected Cars in IoT. I've dedicated to learning related state-of-art technologies to increase development efficiency. A person who is eager to learn and wish to travel and share knowledge, with the work experience in Startup companies.


Senior Android Developer

Jan 2019 - Present
SafeBoda - Barcelona, Spain

Founded in Kampala five years ago, SafeBoda has become one of the fastest growing companies in East Africa and has over 10,000 professionally trained riders. SafeBoda is serving more than a hundred thousand customers every week across the East African cities. SafeBoda is mobile application connects qualified, professional and trained riders to passengers in need of convenient, safe and affordable transport at the click of a button. My responsibilities:

  • Developing the Sheypoor Android application.
  • Developing the SafeBoda Passenger and Driver Android applications.
  • Rewriting project from scratch and implementing new features by using Kotlin and latest technologies in the vertical-teams environment.
  • Communication with the QA department hour-to-hour to fixing reported bugs.
  • Have an eye to make a scalable platform for the future.
  • Being in the well-organized environment by using the Scrum methodology.
  • Analysis of the reviews, comments, and reports from various type of sources like Play Store, Firebase, Social Media.
  • Keep knowledge up-to-date on Discovery days and participating in related Meetups.
  • Reviewing PRs and trying to increase the knowledge of the other colleagues at any level.
  • Collaborating in daily Stand-ups, Retrospective meetings, Sprint planning.

Senior Android Developer & Technical Coach

April 2018 - Jan 2019
Sheypoor - Tehran, Iran

Sheypoor is a free online classifieds marketplace for Iran where anyone can buy, sell and search goods and services quickly, easily and free. On Sheypoor, you can find anything you can think of from property and vehicle to mobile, laptop, furniture, antiques, clothing and much more. Main tasks and achievements:

  • Developing the Sheypoor Android application.
  • Writing Unit testing for each module.
  • Refactoring codes and fixes various software bugs in a cross-functional team.
  • Converting Java codes to the Kotlin step-by-step.
  • Working with Jenkins as CI/CD.
  • Communication with the QA department and fixing reported bugs.
  • Work effectively within an agile environment and join in daily meetings.
  • Working with Objectives and Key Results (OKR).
  • Mob and Pair programming experience.
  • Monthly Hackathon experience.
  • Mentoring for Ms. Elmira Farahani my colleague at Sheypoor in Android development team.
  • Responsibility for coordinating team members to deliver goals before deadlines as a Technical Coach.
  • Coaching members of the B Team among previous responsibilities as a Senior Android Developer.
  • Technical Management, Recruitment Support, Planning and ensuring adherence to agile software development best practices.
  • Working with the-all teams collaboratively, with an agile mindset to delivering a high-quality product.
  • Help team members for personal growth, creativity and making a great product.
  • Providing training and one-on-one coaching to help people identify their strengths and passions.

Project Manager & Senior Android Developer

Mar 2014 - Sep 2018
drcode - Karaj, Iran

Projects in this startup company done by co-workers remotely, so all members had a freelance job on weekends. I invested in this company in which had focused on Android application development. Main tasks and achievements:

  • Coordinating the team of mobile, web and design.
  • Finding potential customers and make clarified contractions with them.
  • CityWideTaxi Android application, build for the WekaPlex Taxi Service Provider in Canada.
  • Noalib Advertisement SDK.
  • Consulting and Mentoring at Sharifin Company.
  • Checking the progress of projects daily.
  • Viralens Android specialized Application for an eyeglasses factory.
  • PayMetr insurance project for Connected Cars (IoT).
  • Translate high-level ideas and business concepts into practical solutions.
  • Fixing bugs and improves projects.
  • Mentoring for Mr. Ramin Dehghani as Junior Developer at Sharifin Company in Android development team.
  • Mentoring for Ms. Mona Heidari as Ph.D. Student in the University of Freiburg in related to C#.

Senior Android Developer

Jun 2015 - March 2018
Maadiran - Tehran, Iran

Maadiran is the leading private Iranian conglomerate group focused on consumer electronics, home appliances, and business solutions sectors. My main tasks and achievements as an R&D member:

  • Analyze, reduce product development costs and fix various software bugs in existing functionality.
  • Video-on-Demand Android application development with Payment methods for buying media.
  • Development of an Online Shopping Android application with NoSQL database and location-based service.
  • Leading Android team, Reviewing Git pull requests, and keeping technical knowledge of the team up-to-date.
  • Responsibility for Android Smart Boxes and Smart TVs (AOSP) development and maintenance.
  • Working with Bamboo as CI and automated build.
  • Communication with the QA department and fixing reported bugs.
  • Joining weekly meetings and discuss current projects.
  • Deciding on the choice of software architecture, libraries, and frameworks on Android projects.
  • Following SDLC to avoiding delay in release time and reducing future bugs.
  • Working effectively within an agile environment and International team.
  • Mentoring for Ms. Raja Ebadati as my colleague at Maadiran for one and half year in the Android development team.

Android Developer & Founder

Oct 2012 - Jan 2014
ertebyte - Karaj, Iran

A Startup company in which built by three old friends including me, that had focused on Android. The most known customer of the company was Havayar Industrial Group. Main tasks and achievements:

  • Developing Havayar Industrial Group CRM with ASP.NET and C# language under MVC architecture.
  • Developing free Android applications to the market for introducing the company's brand and gaining new customers.
  • Code optimizations to ensure the performance and compatibility.
  • Customer responsibility and analyzing their feedback.
  • ShahreKhabar News feed Android application.
  • Checking analytics and crash reports.
  • Market analyzing and surveying for possible customers.
  • Brainstorming with other team members for creating new ideas for the Android application.

Mobile Application Developer

Jul 2010 - Oct 2012
SunwayICT - Karaj, Iran

A software-based company which meets customers and companies' orders, besides it is an innovative and inventive software company, especially in mobile fields. Main tasks and achievements in this full-time job were as follows:

  • SMS Panel management J2ME application to sending SMS on a massive range.
  • IKCO Sport and Cultural Club website.
  • Aftab CRM which is Service-as-a-Service (SaaS) developed with ASP.NET, MVC architecture, and MSSQL database.
  • Gaining time management and working lonely accompanied by other members.
  • Zar Macaroon and Research Center websites.
  • Managing of Android projects and reporting directly to the manager.
  • Searching for best practice codes and applies them to projects.
  • Communication with support unit of the company and surveying customers' suggestions.

Windows Desktop Developer

Jul 2009 - Jul 2010
Jahan Houshmand - Karaj, Iran

A financial company which developed an Accounting Windows Desktop Application called Parnian. My university classes held on weekends, so I worked full-time at the company. Main tasks and achievements:

  • Worked as a C#.NET programmer in Windows software development team.
  • Join in meetings and negotiation on problems and bugs.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Checking different design patterns and suggests them for improvement.
  • Improve codes.
  • Improve UI and make better User experiences.
  • Manual testing.


Some of my projects listed below. to see full list, please look at my Linkedin profile.

Parnian Accounting Windows Application - A Desktop Accounting and Store keeping application which was composed of C#.Net, Design Patterns and Microsoft SQL Server
SMS Panel Management J2ME Application - Send and Receive SMS-based Mobile Management Software under the Java Platform
Iran Khodro Institute of Cultural and Sport Website - IranKhodro's Cultural and Sport Club Website
Zar Industrial and Research Group Website - Zar Industrial and Research Group Website
Zarnam Research Center Website - Zarnam intellectuals Knowledge-based research center website
ShahreKhabar Android Application - One of the fastest RSS feeds
drcode Website - drcode Company Website
City Wide Taxi Android Application - An Android application, built for a taxi company in Canada, to be used by their drivers, dispatchers and customers.
WekaPlex Website - A Back-end panel for City Wide Taxi Android Application management.
Noalib Android VAS Library - Value Added Services (VAS) Library under Android Operation System.
Axmax Android Application Development - Wallpaper & Photo editor
Persian Reshape Open Source Project Development - Optimized Persian Reshape Java Library.
Android OTAMS V.1 - Project Management in Over-The-Air Management System for Android Devices
Accounting Android Application Development - Accounting For VOD Application
Viralens Android Application - A specialized application for eyeglasses designers and sellers
LiveTV - LiveTV on Portable Devices
Sheypoor - A free online classifieds marketplace
SafeBoda - SafeBoda is the safest, fastest and most affordable way to get around Africa’s cities.

Skills & Proficiency

Android Application Development in Kotlin and Java

Material Design, Knowledgeable in Android UX/UI standards, Supporting different screen sizes, Pixel-Perfect, Zeplin

MVVM, MVP, Clean Architecture

Android Architecture Components

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Dependency Injection libraries: Butter Knife, Dagger 2

RxAndroid, RxJava, RxBinding, RxLifecycle, EventBus, Concurrency, and Multithreading

Understanding and applying different Design Pattern in Software

Familiar with almost all the Android SDKs, Support Library

Databases and ORMs: Room, SQLite, Realm, ActiveAndroid, GreenDAO, Stetho

Fabric, ACRA, Parse, Firebase, HockeyApp, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Localytics

GSON, LoganSquare

Network libraries: OKHttp, Volley, and Retrofit

Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Push/Pull Development System, Pair programming

HTTP, JSON, XML, OAuth, REST architecture in the Web-Services

Source Code Control System (SCCS) and Version Control: SVN, GIT, Bitbucket

Slack, Confluence, Team Foundation Server (TFS), GitLab, JIRA, GitFlow, Pivotal Tracker, and Jenkins

Professional in the aspect of Security in Programming, Code Obfuscation, and Proguard

Analysis, Design and Software Project Management

Experienced in creating procedures and documentation

Software Development Process: SDLC, Bamboo, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Gradle

UI Testing, Espresso, Unit Testing, Mockito, JUnit4, AndroidJUnitRunner, Robolectric, A/B Testing, UI Automator

Android Studio, Eclipse, Linux, Android Bluetooth, Android USB, Raspberry Pi

ConstraintLayout, DataBinding, Animation

Universal Image Loader, Glide, Picasso, HLS, Google ExoPlayer, Google Map